The design and position of street furniture have a crucial role in how people socially interact and use the public realm and built environment. There are links with improving well being and health, increasing footfall and economic uplift in areas where the street furniture attracts people to stay and use the civic space.  However, the selection of benches and seats for projects can be tricky as choosing a sofa for your living room!

After over nearly 15 years of working on numerous new build and regeneration projects and reading the literature by William Whyte, Jane Rogers etc. and research by Projects for Public Places


Currently, we are at prototype development stage for six designs of benches with movable components. These features are being tested by the public and professionals to .fine tune the more complex engineering components, appropriateness and durability of materials

“The most fruitful and natural exercise for our minds is, in my opinion, conversation.”

― Michel de Montaigne, The Essays: A Selection


Examples of how the design of a seat influences use and conversation in the public spaces:

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Bristol, UK

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